SAPO Campus: a social media platform for Higher Education

22 Abril 2009
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Santos, C., Pedro, L. (2009).
In A. Mendez Vilas et al. (Eds.), Research, Reflections and Innovations in V International Conference on Multimedia and Integrating ICT in Education, vol. 2.
Badajoz, Spain: Formatex, 1104-1108. Lisboa, Portugal, 22-24 April 2009.

Abstract: Web 2.0 services educational use is an important pedagogical asset with potential to induce significant transformations in teaching methodologies applied by Higher Educations Institutions (HEIs). Recent research has demonstrated that the educational use of these tools has the potential to promote an effective development of communication, sharing and collaboration skills by learning communities’ members, contributing to more relevant learning experiences. It is intended with the project SAPO Campus to develop, launch and assess an integrated Web 2.0 services platform based in SAPO core technologies that may promote the aforementioned skills in Portuguese HEIs students in order to ease and to support these services use in Higher Education contexts.

SAPO campus platform offers a set of services and tools that, based in our experience, can represent a significant improvement in what the educational and focused use of these tools in HEI is concerned. In this paper we will present and discuss key-concepts underlying the SAPO Campus platform, the achieved solution regarding the architectural structure and the services being developed, and finally we will provide a short description for each aggregation service with a focus in its expected impact in educational contexts.

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