Implementation of social features over regular IPTV stb

3 Junho 2009
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Abreu, J. F., Almeida, P., Pinto, R., and Nobre, V. 2009.
Implementation of social features over regular IPTV stb.
In Proceedings of the Seventh European Conference on European interactive Television Conference (Leuven, Belgium, June 03 – 05, 2009). EuroITV ’09. ACM, New York, NY, 29-32.

Abstract: Social TV research area has benefited in the late years from the dissemination of IPTV services and related technological possibilities. Features of presence, communication and recommendation have been proposed and are now more common in the prototypes being developed. However a high number of these experiments and proposals are not yet implemented over regular commercial IPTV platforms and can take some time to be available with a compelling graphical and interaction design. The Social TV application WeOnTV, covered in this paper, was developed in the staging platform of PT Inovação IPTV infrastructure. The work and evaluation so far showed promising results including a successful test over the MEO – IPTV commercial solution. The paper focuses on feasible approaches taken towards the interface design and implementation of WeOnTV’s social features, which can be useful as directions to other iTV developments over regular browser based set-top boxes.

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