Comunication-ludicity-learning strategies in primary school children using “Scratch’ando com o SAPO”

18 Julho 2010
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2010, Raquel Canais, Joaquim Santos, M. Conceição Lopes, Ana Patrícia Oliveira.
Communication and Citizenship, IAMCR Conference, Braga, Portugal, 18-22 July 2010.

Abstract: The ludic potential of programming with Scratch engages children in active participation where they learn to problem-solve, create and recreate projects by simply playing. Children are therefore able to learn how to think creatively, to express themselves clearly, to analyze systematically, to be fluent in the use of IT programming – which is an important contribute towards literacy in the 21st Century – to build iterative development processes, to put in practice metacommunication and to promote cooperation between children and adults.

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