“Scratch’ando com o SAPO” Guardians: designing the mediators for play-work-study for kids.sapo.pt

18 Julho 2010
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Miriam Reis e Maria da Conceição de Oliveira Lopes, 2010.
Communication and Citizenship, IAMCR Conference, Braga, Portugal, 18-22 July 2010.

Abstract: The Post-Industrial era in which we live reveals how the media institutions have changed in regard to children. The number of software applications directed and vehiculated towards them, essentially by new media, creates an impact on educators who interact with children and with parents who respond to a child’s decision-making capacities and influential abilities. It is fascinating to verify how adults are pleased and willing to learn from children. It should be noted that in Portugal 61% of households with children have two or more computers, 39% of Portuguese children between the ages 4 and 5 use the internet regularly, 67% of children between the ages 6 and 7 use computers on a daily basis and 78% of children ages 8 or 9 and up, use the computer on a regular basis. One of these software applications, available for free, is called Scratch, created by Mitchel Resnick, Professor at MIT, who recognizes the new children’s status, regarding the process of communicative, reflective, creative and playful child co-participation. This application was translated into Portuguese and made available in Portugal by Portal SAPO Kids, which belongs to the company Portugal Telecom.

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