Studying Blog Features over Link Popularity

25 Julho 2010
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J. Devezas, C. Ribeiro and S. Nunes
1st ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Social Media Analytics (SOMA 2010), July 25th, 2010, Washington, DC, USA

The study of the blogosphere can provide sociologically rel- evant data. We analyze the links between blogs in the por- tuguese blogosphere, in order to understand how they group and interact, to identify clusters and to characterize them. Our data set contains post data for more than 70,000 blogs, with over 400,000 links. The linkage data is represented as a blog graph and partitioned into several slices, according to their in-degree. We then study the evolution of blog fea- tures, and observe a consistent pattern of decrease in posting frequency, number of out-links, and post length, as we move from the highly-cited blogs to the less cited ones.

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