Bridging the gap between Open and Social Learning and institutional supported technologies: the case of SAPO Campus (to be published)

22 Setembro 2010
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Santos, C., Pedro, L. (2010).
In Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks. Canada: Athabasca University and National Research Council of Canada.

Abstract: The present chapter addresses the conceptualization and development of an integrated Web 2.0 platform and institutionally supported Personal Learning Environment (PLE) for Higher Education – the SAPO Campus project. Depicted as a social media platform for Higher Education, the SAPO Campus project is described in its various facets, services and relationships with other entities, making a case for user-generated content production and aggregation for use in Higher Education. Taking as a starting point the current technological context inside Higher Education Institutions, this chapter presents the initial conceptual model, system architecture and technological framework to promote the SAPO Campus Open and Social Learning objective. Preliminary data obtained from early adopters’ use of the platform is discussed and a new conceptual model – one that aims to promote an Open and Social University framework – is put forward.

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