Building SAPO Campus no SAPO Codebits

9 Setembro 2010
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For the first time we’ll present a technical talk about SAPO Campus core technology. It was approved tonight and It will be presented at Codebits… the best event in Portugal for geeks!!!

Take a look at the talk description:

In this talk we will present the SAPO Campus platform and share key issues of the development process within the SAPO Labs at the University of Aveiro. We will talk about the technical and UX challenges present int the development of an integrated platform supported by independent core services like SAPO Videos, SAPO Fotos, SAPO Blogs (LiveJournal) and SAPO Saber (MediaWiki). The technical solutions used at the core level of SAPO Campus will be presented.

What is SAPO Campus?

SAPO Campus is an integrated Web 2.0 services platform based on user-generated content production and aggregation for use in Higher Education. Upon an independent and open set of social core Web 2.0 services lies a set of aggregation services integrated in a widget-based platform that materialises itself as an institutionally supported Personal Learning Environment (PLE).

We argue that integration and institutional dissemination of this type of technologies could have the effect of promoting a closer relation between and across different academic community members and also the effect of promoting an almost inexistent connection with external communities. This type of connections are invaluable in order to be able to setup a more Open & Social Learning (OSL), Education and University.

We strongly believe that effective and affective connections would not arise if Institutions setup the concept of OSL only supported by a model of Open Education Resources. From our point of view OSL demands to go further and to be able to open and share experiences, promoting an evolution towards a no-walls school. Each learner has a significant amount of implicit and explicit information that can be relevant to the community. Users should share the final result but also should learn to share the process. The learning experience as a whole could be meaningful for others to learn with.

One of the main ideas behind SAPO Campus is to allow the establishment of links across PLE members and to help them evolve towards a more integrated learning experience supported by a Shared PLE (ShaPLE) through dynamic, community-wide sharing and recommendation features and also through an active participation of people outside of formal academic groups or communities.

We will finish the talk with a technical presentation of the PLE supported by an UWA widget platform developed from scratch (jQuery + CakePHP + MySQL).

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