Characterization of the Twitter @replies Network: Are User Ties Social or Topical?

21 Setembro 2010
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D. Sousa, L. Sarmento and E. Rodrigues
2nd International Workshop on Search and Mining User-generated Contents (CIKM 10), October 30th, 2010, Toronto, Canada

In recent years, social media services have become a global phenomenon on the Internet. The popularity of these services provides an opportunity to study the characteristics of online social networks and the communities that emerge in them. This paper presents an analysis of the users’ interactions in the implicit network derived from tweet replies of a specific dataset obtained from a popular microblogging service, Twitter1. We analyze the influence of the topics of the tweet messages on the interaction among users, to determine if the social aspect prevails over the topic in the moment of interaction. Thus, the main goal of this paper is to investigate if people selectively choose whom to reply to based on the topic or, otherwise, if they reply to anyone about anything. We found that the social aspect predominantly conditions users’ interactions. For users…

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