Higher Education Institutions and digital identity: new needs, new skills? (to be published)

22 Setembro 2010
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Aresta, M., Santos, C., Pedro, L., Moreira, A. (2010).
In S. Warburton, S. Hatzipanagos (Eds.), Digital Identity and Social Media. London, : IGI Global.

Abstract: This chapter addresses the concepts of social software, digital identity, learning and education and how they feed into SAPO Campus, an institutionally supported Personal Learning Environment that provides its users with a high level of freedom in the use of Web 2.0 services. Depicted as a social media platform for Higher Education, the SAPO Campus project is described in its various facets, services and relationships with other entities, making a case for user-generated content production and aggregation for use in Higher Education. It also debates the ever increasing demand for the inception of institutional tools that are especially designed to support the construction of the digital identities of its members, letting go of the stubborn molding features offered centrally – disregarding its user’s presence in communities and/or services that are outside its influence – but that still are at the core of each and every academia member’s digital life.

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