Projeto SapoFit – Universidade da Beira Interior

15 Setembro 2010
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SapoFit Project proposes a mobile health (m-health) application for Android OS, using ubiquitous and pervasive computing approaches. This application performs personal dietetic evaluation and monitoring. SapoFit follows a personalized approach offering a user customization to keep a daily personal health record (PHR) of his/her food intake and daily exercise. This PHR contains vital health information and will evaluate the user’s nutritional state. The system monitors the user and sends alerts/messages concerning his/her diet program taking into account his/her physical activity. The system is based in Web Services architecture, which appears as a new model for distributed computing and the latest solution for development and applications integration. SapoFit is a challenged mobile application that delivers the action to the user, anytime and anywhere, motivating him for a healthier life style. The migration to iPhone OS is also considered.

Responsável: Joel Rodrigues

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