REACTION – FEUP, IST, Jornal Público

3 Setembro 2010
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REACTION – Retrieval, Extraction and Aggregation Computing Technology for Integrating and Organizing News

The REACTION project aims to develop a computational journalism platform (mostly) for Portuguese. News are no longer simply produced and consumed, but instead continually evolve over time as a cooperative dialog between news outlets and the public at-large. News presentation must fundamentally reflect this, providing anytime organization of the latest events, conveying how story elements developed over time, and integrating the story in the larger world context. In short, the days of simple online aggregation are over; the world has already moved on. While the idea of journalists using computers as information discovery tools goes back several decades, never before has computation been understood to be so tightly integrated with the core of journalistic practice. Journalistic excellence today requires advanced data mining and search technologies, together with novel web services and integrative mashups.

There are several important challenges facing the field, including: i) automatic content analysis (e.g., news, blogs, micro-blogs, comments), for named entity resolution (e.g., public figures), entity tracking, sentiment analysis, and meme tracking ; ii) social network mining, for community detection, expert finding, detection of influentials; iii) design of rich visualization and interaction interfaces for presenting dynamic, personalized news.

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