Mini-Seedcamp Lisbon na BETA-i com o apoio da PT

14 Outubro 2013
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Uma sessão animada organizada pela Seedcamp em parceria com a BETA-i e o apoio da PT.
Estiveram 12 startups a apresentar em pitches de 3 minutos os seus projetos.

E entre as startups presentes esteve a Wizdee, que é apoiada pelo Bluestart – programa de apoio a startups da PT.

The Google for Business Questions. WIZDEE Discovery is a self-service data analysis and exploration solution for business users. It empowers users with a tool that enables them to make business queries in natural language and get answers fast and visually. It is like the Google for answering business questions, you just query: “count sales by vendor by month”. It is so simple and intuitive that any business user can use it, from the secretary to the CEO.

In a recent Business Intelligence (BI) survey, 44% of respondents say BI teams do not have time, funding or resources to keep up with BI demand. In a time where access to information is crucial, business users need answers to their questions in seconds, not weeks. Even companies that have basic reports tools, need to explore data in new and complex ways to be able to get business insights. Traditional tools are not flexible enough for this job. Wizdee Discovery solves this problem, it empowers users with a simple and intuitive way of answering business questions.


The Selected 12 Startups

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