28 Setembro 2015
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ACTIVE: smArt Citizens Technology and Infrastructure Via european Expertise [2016-2020]

Project description
The three high level objectives of this ambitious and multi-disciplinary project are to:
1. Prove and quantify the tangible and replicable benefits of smart energy and transport systems at a city scale
2. Create an open and innovative ICT-based environment in which varied stakeholders can innovate around new concepts and techniques to optimise energy, transport and other future services within an open data structure
3. Understand the strategies, business and governance models and market structures which will be required to achieve these benefits
These objectives will be achieved by rolling out large district-wide demonstration projects in 3 high profile cities (London, Lisbon and Milan). The demonstrators will integrate a suite of state of the art energy and transport measures within a novel open data platform, which can control and optimise these systems. New citizen engagement techniques will be trialled to ensure the citizen is at the heart of the design and subsequent governance of the data platform.
An assessment program will a) validate the business models and environmental benefit of these smart city concepts (using a before and after impact analysis), b) assess the varied barriers to take-up of these measures and develop recommendations to overcome them, c) develop and assess new city scale business models and service offerings based on the diverse datasets which will be generated.
The 34 member ACTIVE consortium is a genuine partnership between smart city solutions providers (ICT providers, energy equipment developers) and their customers (those responsible for city scale services - municipalities, public transport operator, and utilities).
The ACTIVE project will be the first time it has been possible to demonstrate all aspects of the integrated smart city within a single project framework. It addresses the specific challenge of developing an integrated test of smart city infrastructure and will accelerate the development of this sector.

Financial support
ACTIVE is an EU funded project under the H2020 - Smart Cities and Communities (SCC-01-2014) call.

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