28 Setembro 2015
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Cyberbullying: The regulation of behavior through language [2016-2018]

Project description
Cyberbullying aims to develop an application that can help adolescents regulate their behavior in situations of cyberbullying through language.

We believe that from a greater understanding of how the different participants interact through language in cyberbullying situations, we can develop an instrument that can encourage adolescents to re­evaluate their language and behavior towards this type of online occurrences.
Thus, we propose to develop an application based on the principles of self­regulation of behavior and anchored in several studies that will be used to develop and test the population. With this application, we propose to intervene in the phenomenon of cyberbullying in terms of incidence, and the development of adolescents' self­instruction strategies, verbal communication strategies, and self­assertive behavior of adolescents.
In terms of practical implications, we believe that if adolescents receive some guidance based on the principles of self­ instruction during or immediately before cyberbullying situations, they are more likely to find a positive resolution for interpersonal conflicts online. This type of application can be very beneficial in many online resources such as the kids sapo mail, comments to news, blogs, social networks, among others.

Financial support
This project is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).

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