29 Julho 2015
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POPSTAR: Public Opinion and Sentiment Tracking, Analysis, and Research [2012-2014]


Project description
POPSTAR (Public Opinion and Sentiment Tracking, Analysis, and Research) explores web-based conventional and social media with text mining and generates indicators of both frequency and polarity (positivity/negativity) of mentions to political actors, the economy, and economic policies across sources, types of sources, and across time. The project has two main goals: design an opinion mining system capable of measuring, almost in real-time, sentiments vis-à-vis parties, political actors, and the economy in the content of both conventional web-based media (online newspapers) and the so-called social media (blogs and micro-blogs); and use collected the data to explore and explain the relationship between trends in sentiments as expressed in the conventional media, the social media, and public opinion polls and surveys in Portugal.
Additional details available here.

Financial support
POPSTAR is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).


Project activities

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