29 Julho 2015
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REACTION: Retrieval, Extraction and Aggregation Computing Technology for Integrating and Organizing News [2010-2014]


Project description
REACTION focus on:
- Automatic analysis of content, including news, blogs, micro-blogs, comments: detect and resolve references to named entities (e.g., public figures); tracking these entities and events involving them; assess quality (e.g., readability); infer polarity (e.g., sentiment); detect cases and patterns of re-use (e.g., via “memes” or larger units of similar text) and information flow.
- Automatic analysis of explicit and implicit social networks: infer implicit social networks based on information flow patterns involving content producers and consumers; discover communities; infer authority and credibility of sources; find experts; identify influential community members.
- Design of rich visualization and interaction interfaces for presenting dynamic, personalized news and learning about implicit relationships between news stories and reader communities.

Financial support
REACTION is a Strategic Research and development project in Interactive and Advanced Digital Media, funded by the CoLab, UT Austin | Portugal International Collaboraboratory for Emerging Technologies


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